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Fire  - Kristin Cashore I enjoyed Graceling and expected to get more entertainment of the same nature here. No such luck.While Cashore created a likeable, kick-ass heroine in Katsa, here instead is a weak self-centered indecisive one that I had a great deal of trouble caring about. Yes, the young lady has a problem but that doesn’t mean we have to hear about it at least once every three pages. The other characters are generally shallow, nasty-minded individuals who cheerfully step on people like they were a doormat to get their way.What little there is of a plot moves slowly while the romantic angle is silly. Two women get a cake in the oven from the same guy at the same time for the same reason. “Darn, I forgot to take my anti-pregnancy herbs!” “Wow, no kidding! I was ashamed to ask for mine!” Those are not exact quotes but you get the idea.I’m willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt and rack this up to second book slump. But if I read Bitterblue it’s going to be from the library.