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Lichgates: Book One of the Grimoire Saga: 1

Lichgates - S.M. Boyce I don’t read that many fantasy novels because they’re not my favorite genre but this won me over easily.This is an intelligently well-written book about a woman who suddenly finds herself in a different world after unintentionally passing through a portal. Right from the beginning the action picks up as our reluctant heroine Kara finds herself in danger. The beginning is a bit of an info dump but I’ll take that any day over a one that starts slowly. What impressed me most was the creativity. Whether in the magical abilities of people or the far-reaching variety in the world of Ourea, there’s a lot to like.What also was refreshing here was Kara. More than once she says that she just wants to go home. She does not go kicking asses all over the block. She doesn’t fall madly in love or sit around moping. Well, maybe just a little with the moping but that’s understandable in the context. She’s clever, admirable, and has a pendant that can materialize a book that tells you whatever you want to know. Which is a good thing because the world she’s in doesn’t have the internet.Unfortunately a lot of people will never read this because they never heard of it when it’s a big step ahead in the world of YA fiction. It’s got most anything you would want in a fantasy novel. A solid 4 stars.