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The Rook

The Rook - I'm like a termite in a lumber yard, I don't know where to begin. This book literally grabbed me from the first sentence. It's amazingly creative and has loads of original ideas. And it is written with a great sense of humor. What a fun, enjoyable read this was. Honest, this is not just hyperbole. I hope Daniel O'Malley wins an award for this novel.Why didn't someone think of this before? Imagine there was a secret service branch that had to deal with supernatural problems. And one of the people in it had a personality crisis. A big one, like not knowing who she was.I'm not the type that normally gets enamored with protagonists but I really liked Myfanwy from the first chapter. She's a quintessential spy with a snappy retort for any situation. The characters in this book have varying psychic abilities but they're all different and their exploits are mighty peculiar in a vastly entertaining way.Not convinced yet? There's also a clever plot device at work here and although it gets used rather often it didn't detract from the story. And the pacing is perfect from beginning to end.Take everything you like to see in a book and run it through a printing press and you get this novel. I can't say enough about it except when is the next book in the series coming out?