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Monarch - Michelle D. Argyle In the blurb for this book it mentions a CIA spy named Nick and his mission. So I got this book thinking it was a spy novel but it is way more of a romance than a cloak and dagger story. If Nick's brains were dynamite he couldn't blow himself up. He is constantly caught without a weapon. People sneak up on him at will. At one point in the story he says he's no James Bond. To me that was the best line in the book because I couldn't agree more.The characters are shallow, they seem to have the same response to different situations and the dialogue occasionally lacks realism. I don't think someone's response to a person who just shot and wounded his wife would be "how could you?" It doesn't help that the author uses so many question marks that some pages read like police interrogation work. As with: "Should he grab his toothbrush? His bag? Run to find Lois? His mom? Nick?"If you like hard-boiled spy novels avoid this like the plague. For someone looking for a light romantic read and doesn't care much about the writing, you might like it. It didn't do much for me.