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The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan - Give me a story about animals and I’m there. Make them talk and I am so there.If you have a fondness for animals, you will love this book. A wonderful little tale about Ivan, a silverback gorilla who lives in a cage at a mall. You can see the ending from a mile away, but that doesn’t deter from the enjoyment. Even though the book is written with younger readers in mind it works just as well for adults. Avoiding the pitfall of being sticky sweet and with the right amount of pathos and humor, we quickly learn that Ivan is an atypical ape. Don’t let his outward appearance fool you, he’s a serious thinker with a plan.Like a well-written book should, it takes the reader through a range of emotions. To paraphrase a quote in the story, this is a colorful tale with a black beginning, a stormy middle and a cloudless blue-sky ending. Don’t miss this one. 5 bright stars.