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The Devil's Star  - Jo Nesbø Where would we be in detective fiction without these screwups in private life but brilliant investigators otherwise? Harry Hole when he isn’t investigating is seemingly either blotto or on his way to a bar. He’s always close to being fired for any number of reasons and he’s a ballbuster who nearly gives his boss an ulcer. Harry’s my kind of cop.If this is a typical Jo Nesbø novel, sheesh have I waited too long before reading him. This is crime fiction at its best. The characters are brilliantly drawn and the plot has more twists and turns than 20 miles of switchback road. When it seems like the story is over, it isn’t. The uncertainty factor is present until the very end. The book has scenes that could have been in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Just when you think the obvious is going to happen it doesn’t. Or something happens that you least expect. But it’s always plausible and fits within the framework of the novel. There’s also an engaging subplot as Harry tries to deal with the unfortunate results of a previous case. Boy does this guy have a lot of baggage. I strongly recommend this to anybody who enjoys a compelling crime novel. As they say in the blurbs, a real page turner. 5 brightly shining stars.