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Rules of Murder - Julianna Deering, DeAnna Julie Dodson The author is obviously a fan of Dorothy Sayers as the protagonist is modeled after Lord Peter Wimsey. But a number of problems arise early on in this whodunit. First we are introduced to so many people in the first chapter it’s hard to keep track of the players without a scorecard. You can tell who the first victim will be from a mile away. As the story progresses, it seems as though no one could be the murderer. The characters are all one-dimensional and the story lacks suspense.The basic writing is not bad, and there’s an occasional bit of humor but the plot gets unnecessarily convoluted. It’s a X pretends to be Y but in reality he was Z type of mish mosh at the end, and the reader is left wondering why some characters were even involved in the first place.Not much here except women dissolving into tears, geezers having heart palpitations, and Drew of the manor strolling arm in arm with someone. There are better books of this genre on the market.