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Snapper - Brian Kimberling This started out with a lot of promise. Socially inept middle-aged ornithologist teams with with college student as they pursue birds for a state survey over the summer.The narrative doesn't stay on that path however, and soon becomes less interesting. Written entirely in the first person, the book is a series of mostly random encounters with odd people. The writing is fine and there's levity thrown in, but the story reads like a bunch of diary entries. Compelling it isn't, and exactly what the author is trying to get across is never clear. Is the protagonist bragging or complaining or just plain sarcastic? No way of telling.The writing is too aloof and there's not enough laughs to make it as a humerous novel. It would have better if the author chose to continue with a few characters introduced early on and develop them instead of switching to new ones throughout. Overall, this could have been better. Somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 stars.