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Agent 6 - Tom Rob Smith Although this book didn’t disappoint me, I found it the least captivating of the three he’s written so far. It takes quite a while for the story to kick in, and even longer before we find out what the title refers to. Leo is still likeable as ever, but he spends too much time traipsing all over the place so the setting lacks a focus. Plus there’s just not enough tension. Once the murder pivotal to the story is committed the plot ambles along and doesn’t pick up until near the end.And speaking of the end….oy vey as my Jewish friends would say. There ought to be a law against ending a novel not in a continuous plot with a cliffhanger. C’mon, we know authors don’t kill off their main protagonist. Did Captain Kirk ever buy the farm when he beamed down to a planet? Heck no, that’s what redshirts are for.The writing is still way above average but this reads like the weak link in a chain of otherwise fine spy novels. I would strongly recommend reading one of the author’s older books first if you haven’t already before attempting this mediocre effort.