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The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black - E.B. Hudspeth An interesting and rather unique book that incorporates a series of anatomical drawings to tell the story of a doctor whose studies take him from the study of human physical abnormalities to his preoccupation with mythological creatures. Cleverly using journal entries and letters, Dr. Black begins the tale as a prodigy in his field but he winds up in the mad scientist league after his colleagues shun him.I would have liked more of a story. Which being told in the first 65 pages, there isn’t much time to develop a character so Black’s transformation seems a bit forced. Yes the drawings are meticulous and look like they came out of a textbook, but there are too many of each individual creature.Minor problems aside, this is certainly a page-turner. From the setting through the illustrations there is a sense of the mysterious and the author handles the story with the right touch so it doesn’t come across as just another book about a doctor with bats in the belfry. For those looking for an unusual read, fans of the horror genre, or people who own a copy of Gray’s Anatomy.