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Prophet of Bones: A Novel - Ted Kosmatka A thriller with not much excitement based on ideas that have been written about numerous times before. A scientific discovery is made that could have worldwide ramifications, or so we are led to believe. Connections in this book are tenuous at best and hard to fathom at worst. Why should a congressman get involved in the results of a scientific inquiry? Why would someone build a top secret facility with virtually no security?The basic premise of the book is good but the execution leaves something to be desired. In the final scene when tension should be building, the bad guy launches into a lengthy monologue on genetics. Too much time is spent on scientific details while the plot goes through the traditional routine of characters trying to escape from kidnappers. The flow of the story is uneven and a sense of menace never develops until very late in the novel.The author certainly knows his science but the presentation could have been better. For those who feel they really can’t get enough thrillers to read.