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A Cast of Stones - Patrick W. Carr A medieval fantasy that has a lot to appreciate. I hope this novel garners recognition because it certainly deserves it. Within the first couple of chapters it’s readily apparent that the writing is definitely above average. Errol Stone is a most unlikely hero. At the beginning if he’s not crocked he’s probably heading to his favorite watering hole for a beer but by the time the book ends he has been transformed thanks in part to a certain remarkable talent. I enjoyed the development of the main character. The minor characters were distinctive but could have used a shade more depth. What stands out here is the quality of the writing. I would never have guessed that this was the author’s debut novel.The story is interesting and captivating but the author leans too much on the same plot devices. Errol is constantly being chased by inept bad guys who couldn’t catch a cold, his secret talent once revealed is paraded through many a chapter, and it seems as though all he does in his spare time is train and spar. Minor imperfections aside this is an intelligent and well-written fantasy that fans of the genre should look into. I await the future books in this series.