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The Million Death Quake: The Science of Predicting Earth's Deadliest Natural Disaster - Roger Musson If this book was written some years ago, it might have been titled All About Earthquakes but the style now is to go with an attention grabber. The title is somewhat misleading as the book deals with more than a potentially catastrophic earthquake.The author does a fine job with the subject. It’s not overly simplistic which would bore those who know the basics, nor is it too technical which might scare off those who are reading about earthquakes for the first time. What causes earthquakes is covered along with how they are studied. The latter part deals with solutions and predictions. There’s a bit of levity here also, as the author recalls the time someone accidentally kicked a can containing a seismometer causing a major quake to be registered in his area.I would have liked more details and eyewitness accounts of the major quakes, but overall this is a very well written book suitable for those with some knowledge of the topic or anyone new to the subject.