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The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan I liked the premise behind this book and I thought it would lead to tension crackling off the pages but therein lies the problem with this novel.The story takes the unreliable narrator route and is told only through a 22-year old woman named Grace. I’m not a fan of the lone perspective approach, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t like it. Although the writing itself is good, it sounds more like a description of a tea party with ladyfingers than people struggling for survival aboard a life raft. I found it easier to root for the crusty old sailor who uses his seafaring knowledge to lead the group than Grace, who comes across more like a bystander.There’s much more that could have been done with the story. There’s too little conflict, and some of the decisions seem to arise out of nowhere. On the plus side it did keep my interest but fell short of being an engaging read. Recommended for those who like tales of rescue, but keep your expectations to a minimum.