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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel - M.L. Stedman To me, this was almost like reading two different books. The first two parts although engaging were slow paced and then the rest was like a dash to the finish line. I thought this was headed for three star territory, but the latter part made up for it.The story hinges on a very well-conceived dilemma. An event occurs on an island that contains a husband and wife along with the lighthouse he maintains. The only communication to the outside world is through a supply boat which stops in on a regular basis. Then the big question arises about what it is they should do.Because of the subject matter I believe this novel will appeal more to the ladies in the audience. Pathos is certainly the main component, to the extent that it’s almost shoveled on at the end. What won me over was that you can’t help but feel for not one but four characters by the time the story ends. None of the main characters emerges unscathed by events. This certainly isn’t a happy-go-lucky read. The author is at her best when she deals with people having to make very difficult choices and here boy do they ever. This was a tough one to rate. I would have liked the pacing to be more even but once I got past a certain point it was impossible to stop turning pages even though it got a bit melodramatic before the ending. I think most folks will enjoy this compelling debut novel.