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Gemstones and Their Origins - Peter C. Keller, Erica Van Pelt, Harold Van Pelt, Edward Gübelin An overly ambitious look at all the major gem producing locations in the world. The photography by the Van Pelts is superb as usual but the author heavily cites other sources throughout and tries to cover all the angles in a rather small volume. It seems as though this book was formulated to try to please everyone. There are pretty pictures for those who want to see cut gems along with geological information that would appeal to those with a background in geology but not be of interest to others. It reads like an unfinished Mineralogical Record article.There are also a number of minor drawbacks. The gems are arranged by formulation method as opposed to type or location, the majority of the pictures of specimens do not give dimensions, and no information is given beyond 1990, the year of publication.Unless you're looking to add to your mineral library irregardless of content, there are better books on the subject. 2 1/2 stars rounded up to 3 for the photos.