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The Final Solution: A Story of Detection - Michael Chabon This is a rather odd tribute to the mastermind of all fictional sleuths, Sherlock Holmes. He’s lured out of retirement to find a purloined parrot but he would have been better off staying at home.There isn’t much of a mystery and nary an elementary detection in sight. Michael Chabon seems to go out of his way to use overly ornate prose and to show us he’s a graduate of the China Miéville school of vocabulary.Combined with no significant backstory and the fact that the most likeable character in the book is a bird leaves me to advise you if you’ve never read any of the author’s books before start with [b:The Yiddish Policeman s Union] or the Pulitzer winning [b:The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay].The ending was amusing and the story overall none too shabby but I thought it could have been better. Just barely made it to 3 stars.