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Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson It’s a good thing Isaac Asimov isn’t alive to read this book because it would kill him.The robots here think the three laws of robotics my plastic ass as they or their robotic controlled kin turn into homicidal maniacs and merrily wreak havoc among humans.I rarely lambaste a book over a concept but when you write about one that is older than dirt you had better approach it from a totally unique viewpoint or it should contain prose that would have made Mr. Shakespeare jealous. This read like a movie script. I could easily imagine the act and scene numbers. And there isn’t a particle of character development.With very few exceptions, each ten or so pages introduce the next victims and a new way for an ex-friendly servant of man (or woman) to obliterate him (or her).I won’t even get into the problem that if robots are so darn smart why they wouldn’t have wiped everybody out in one go or at least done it more efficiently. In numerous chapters, they send cars after people who unwisely believe it would be safer out in the open. Hey you computing clods, why didn’t you find a tank and get the job done easier! Okay, maybe I got into the problem a little bit. If you enjoy nothing but action, this could appeal to you. But for a much better treatment of this subject read Fondly Fahrenheit by Alfred Bester.