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Year Zero - Rob  Reid If you’ve seen the movie Earth Girls Are Easy that’s where I thought this book was going. A motley bunch of aliens bumbling around Earth trying to assimilate our culture and instead standing out like the Three Stooges. It turns out to be a lot more than that. Although creative, original and funny there were times where the author overdoes the creativity and the humor felt forced. Instead of building on the background of previous aliens, we get introduced to more of them. And there were a few places where too much time is spent dwelling on mundane details. Also there are numerous references made to classic rock. If you don't know Led Zeppelin from the Graf Zeppelin you can still enjoy this, but you're going to read some of the jokes and go "Huh?"The premise is a good one. Aliens intercept our tv and radio transmissions and think we are the greatest beings in the universe when it comes to music. Upon finding us, they believe we are entitled to royalties that would make everyone a millionaire. Neat-o! I'd be more than happy to take payment in gold.If you like offbeat humor and science fiction this should appeal to you. 3 ½ stars.