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Darkness, Take My Hand  - Dennis Lehane If there currently is a better author at revealing the darker side of human nature than Dennis Lehane, I’d like to know who it is because he’s the best at it in my opinion. This is the 6th book I’ve read by him, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.Once again we have the team of Kenzie and Gennaro at work. What starts off looking like an ordinary case for our detectives quickly evolves into one with more sinister overtones. There’s action aplenty as the duo again collect injuries like trading cards but the strength in this novel lies in the emotional realm as the author delves into as they say in Star Wars, the dark side. The author details how there can be a thin line between pulling the trigger to protect yourself and doing it because you want to. And what better way to get acquainted with a man you want information from than rolling a bowling ball into his groin?Another masterful work by a superb writer and storyteller.