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Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny Those who have seen my reviews know I have a rule that I don’t give away the story. Once in a while I bend that rule, but in this case to paraphrase Mark Twain I have to throw it down and dance upon it because there is no other way to explain my rating. So for those of you who don’t like spoilers, kindly exit stage right and go with the knowledge this is a fine book but not the place to start if you’ve never read anything by the author as it refers back to the previous novel in the series The Brutal Telling.Spoiler city time…. There are three mysteries to be solved by the end: who bumped off the guy searching for Samuel de Champlain’s grave, who whacked the hermit in the woods and what happened to the police officer Gamache was trying to save who was kidnapped.Despite that synopsis, there isn’t a lot of violence or action. It’s a solid mystery but I thought there were too many times the author broke away from the story to delve into the historical aspects of Quebec and take in the scenery. There are numerous intriguing aspects, such as who would kill a hermit and leave a cabin full of valuable collectables? How did he get them in the first place?It isn’t knock your socks off fantastic however if you're looking for a tranquil who done it you should enjoy this.