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The Lincoln Conspiracy: A Novel - Timothy L. O'Brien I’m not a big fan of historical fiction but I enjoyed this book and the outstanding job by the author of making it feel like Washington D.C. just after the end of the civil war. A lot of time must have been put into research to create such an authentic background. The setting is definitely the strongest part of this novel.The plot features a flawed protagonist and his wife in search of two very important diaries. At no time did the pace slow down right from the beginning. There’s enough action to keep everyone happy. The ending is a shade too implausible, but I like the way the author handled the identity behind one of the characters who doesn’t appear until the very end.The main characters could have used a bit more dimension. There was some information on their past, but not enough to easily identify with. The dialogue is true to the era and has an authentic tone. A minor problem is in various places quotations and lines of poetry suddenly appear which don’t fit in with the story and only disrupt the flow of narration. Overall an entertaining read and a solid first effort.