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Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey I can see what all the hoopla is about with this book. Or books, if you’ve read them on the installment plan. Here we have a post-apocalyptic world where there is more going on than meets the eye. People live in humungous underground silos with over 100 levels. No wonder so much of the story takes place on steps. Some readers may think “hey, what happened to the elevators?” but it makes more sense not to have them if you don’t want the people to communicate with each other. Especially if they’re 89 flights up.The world is well crafted and the characters have plenty of depth. Especially Juliette, who doesn’t appear until the third part but who evolves as the protagonist and the coolest character in the story. If the entire book was as good as the last three parts I would have given it five stars. But the first two, especially the second, weren’t quite as good.For a book that was originally self-published there are none of the grammatical errors or other little problems that bring out my nitpicking side. I try to be a patron of the arts which includes reading indie press material and this is one of the best in that area I’ve ever read.Really impressive for a first effort. It’ll be interesting to see what the author comes up with next. 4 ½ stars.