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Seth and Chloe - Wyatt Davenport Sorry but this read like Scooby Doo Goes to Outer Space . The story deals mostly with how to manuever a spaceship. If you're going to write a science fiction novel, don't have said spaceships shoot bullets. This is supposed to be futuristic. Also the author keeps using the phrase "meteorite stones" which is redundant. As opposed to meteorite rubber balls? The plot is thin enough to read a paper through and the characters are so one-dimensional that if they turned sideways they would disappear. The same questions that were asked in the first chapter are still being asked 20 chapters later. Men vent their wrath by banging and slamming their hands on sensitive equipment. People get shot at with bullets (there they are again) and one of the weapons of choice is a smoke grenade.You get the picture.