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Inside Job - Connie Willis It seems I either give a four star or two star rating with Connie Wills' books. This fell into the latter category.A potential buyer should be aware that this is a novella only 99 pages long and the publisher’s price tag is hefty for such a slim volume.A writer for a magazine that exposes fraudulent psychics thinks he’s being duped by the person who led him to the story. The psychic then starts channeling H.L. Mencken. That’s essentially all there is to it outside of the filler. You don’t have to be a H.L. Mencken fan to enjoy it but I assure you it will help. It’s not really science fiction or screwball comedy funny. And unlike her better stories, there’s no twist to the ending. There are quite a few other works by the author that Subterranean Press could have picked from that would have been a better choice. If you are looking to read this, my advice is find the copy of Asimov’s that it originally appeared in or try your local library and don’t spend money on this overpriced book.