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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan I really liked the premise for this book although it certainly isn't unique. What if people who commit a crime get released back into society with their skin turned a different color? Borrowing heavily from The Scarlet Letter and less so from [b:The Handmaiden's Tale], this tells the story of Hannah, a girl chromed red for committing adultery. However the execution is not as good as the idea.In yet another dystopian society, chromes have no rights and must rely on their own wits or the kindness of others. The book starts off strongly enough but starts to run out of ideas about halfway through. I found it hard to fathom the change in Hannah’s character in the second half of the story. At the beginning she feels one way about religion, then does a 180 and starts embracing all she rejected. Why this turnabout when her life is exactly the same? Also the plot in the second half relies too much on the near miss cliché. The characters are pretty well developed but the world isn’t. I would have liked more about how the culture got to be the way it is.If you like YA dystopias odds are you’ll enjoy it but others may find it mediocre.