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A Blaze of Glory - Jeff Shaara I won this on First Reads and this convinces me beyond all doubt that I don't like historical fiction. So why did you enter the drawing? Glad you asked. I enjoy reading about the civil war, so I figured maybe that would make it interesting enough to be a fun read.No such luck.I think part of the dilemma is I compare what I know about a historical figure with what happens in the book. Just having famous people in a fictional novel doesn't win me over. I don't care how much booze Grant drinks or how many cigars Sherman smokes. What about a scared, rookie private in his first battle not sure if he's going to have the guts to stand his ground or run pell-mell for the hills? There's so many other angles that could be used.I still give this 3 stars because there was nothing wrong with the plot or the writing. Just not my cup of tea.