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Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier - Neil deGrasse Tyson One has to be careful in writing about science. Dumb it down and you risk losing your main audience who'll think it was written for grade schoolers but make it too advanced and people tend to get bored with all the technical jargon.The author's approach is just right. What I liked best was he correctly points out that there are other reasons besides exploration for having a space program. There are scientific discoveries that can be applied for the benefit of all. It will interest kids so they might choose science or engineering as a career. As he says about the number of lawyers graduating college compared to scientists: " It tells me we are going into the future fully prepared to litigate over the crumbling of our infrastructure." He makes his points without getting redundant. Well, most of the time. Which brings us to the one little drawback in this book. This is a compilation of previous writings so there are places where points of view get repeated. (Just half a cent of the budget goes for space exploration folks, for those of you up there in the cheap seats that's right, half a cent.)This book raises valid questions and more importantly supplies workable answers and backs it up with data. A fun and informative read.