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The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Once upon a time and not in a galaxy far, far away I wouldn't read any YA book. Then along came a guy some of you have heard of named Potter and changed all that. Which explains why it took me so long to read this. Once again, I am amazed at Neil Gaiman's writing skills and imagination. He can tell more in one sentence than some authors can in a whole book. Or be more creative in one chapter than other writers can be in their lifetime. Can it be he's in actuality an alien from another galaxy taken human form to enchant us with spectacular writing? Wait, that sounds like a plot for a novel....If I had to describe the author's writing in a word it would be bittersweet. Elation is balanced out by regret. I wish more authors would do this. Everyone doesn't have to be happy like clams at high tide nor do they need to be miserable and cast an aura of doom and gloom.The story isn't perfect. There are a couple of occasions where you can tell what is going to happen, but that's like saying there's a little spot of dust on a painting hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.For those who like books, Neil Gaiman is like a key to a treasure chest. You never know what fantastic gems you're going to find.