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The Mechanist - Erik Robert Nelson The old adage goes never judge a book by its cover. To that I add the same goes for its blurb.When I read the blurb for this I knew the potential for a good read existed with a steampunk backdrop and mechanical wardens and hey there's a war going on you know.The author is a pretty good writer per se, but when it comes to telling the tale there's lots of room for improvement. First of all, if you are going to write about the police know how they act. If they stake out a house and see the suspect enter and then go in to arrest her, they do not all leave when they can't find her and know she's still in the building. If two officers are about to go into a hazardous situation they have backup. Now for the plot: the characters didn't have enough development, especially the antagonist. Nothing is revealed about the war beyond the fact there is one. The wardens don't do much beyond breaking down and not being able to fit down small alleys. And the plot moves like molasses at the north pole in January. During a cold spell.I won't even get into the typographical and grammatical errors. Even if you are a real steampunk fiend you'll be disappointed.