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Shaken - Pamela Beason I saw this on first reads and I thought the plot sounded interesting so I picked it and won. At first I thought no way am I going to like this book. It's just not my typical reading material. Then there was the unusual analogy on the first page "the taller trees around her shimmied and swayed like crazed hula dancers...." To my surprise I not only liked it, I enjoyed it.The heroine's personality is well written. Elisa is a bit of a doof, kind of a klutz, has a sense of humor and knows how to use heavy machinery. Jake is the insurance investigator who befriends her and could have used more development in character. This was my only grouse with the novel. The story really held my interest as it evolved early into a good mystery with the obligatory twists and red herrings. There is also action a plenty here, to the extent that one more major event would have been too much.Yay for the indie press that signed an author that knows her stuff. And who doesn't like a female lead character who knows how to drive a backhoe?