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The Mercury Fountain - Eliza Factor There wasn't much I liked in this novel. The flow of the story was choppy and there was too much in the mind's eye thinking and not enough dialogue. The focus shifted from one character to another so there was no main protagonist. And until the last chapter, very little plot. A stubbed toe would have been a major event. Things seem to happen out of nowhere because there is no buildup to it. Soldiers suddenly materialize. A woman has a love interest in a character she virtually ignored previously.The prose occasionally rambles like a tumbleweed in a high wind: "She knew everything. The dog's breath, the cost of electric mine trams, the number of girls Ysidro had kissed." Surely there are easier and less smelly ways to identify your dog.Then only at the end is the mine used as a device in this book. Otherwise it was irrelevant.The writing wasn't terrible and there is a kernel of a story present but it took too long to develop. The book could have used a good editing, which happens frequently with small indie publishers.It did hold my interest enough to finish it but it was way short of a good read.