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Riders of the Purple Sage (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading) - Zane Grey, Fred Stenson, Douglas Duer Never having read a book by Zane Grey I thought I'd give this a go. First thing to remember here is this book was written in the early 1900s. There are certain prejudices and women do things like faint and cling to men for support like they were a tomato plant growing on a stake. Actually the story is pretty good but it's bogged down throughout by mind's eye introspection which slows the pace of the book. This is the old-fashioned "I reckon" and "let's head 'em off at the pass" type of western, much unlike the style of Larry McMurtry. My advice would be if you really like those old black and white cowboy movies you would probably enjoy it, otherwise especially those who have no love of the old west would be better moseying on along past this.