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Northeast Snowstorms - 2 Volume Set: Vol. I: Overview; Vol. II: The Cases - Paul J. Kocin, Paul J. Kocin If you live in the northeast and are really interested in the weather, that automatically makes you a snow nut. This book is the best ever that deals with snowstorms. It not only gives a surface and aloft analysis of every major northeast snowfall along with accumulations, but it goes into additional detail about the features aloft and at the surface without getting overly technical. Anyone with a bit of background in meteorology can comprehend it. Plus there are loads of photos. This is a two volume work, with the first book dealing with nor'easters and how they develop and background information. And a CD is included.Since these books were published in 2004 there have been a number of big snowstorms in the northeast. I hope one day the authors will release a third volume to keep these books up to date.