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The Prisoner - Carlos J. Cortes I'm going to bend one of my rules here. I usually never give away the plot in a review. But in the case of this clunker of a book, it's justified.It's 2049, and prisons have become "sugar cubes" where prisoners are put into suspended animation and stacked like items on supermarket shelves. You know you're in trouble when one of the prisoners is broken out by a team of three lawyers. That's right, lawyers. The characters are one-dimensional and there is no development. The plot moves at the speed of an arthritic snail. There is almost no backstory so you have no idea what's going on until at least 3/4 through the book. The subplots do nothing to enhance the story and wander like stray cattle. Five pages are devoted to the sanitary facilities of a pig farm.The escapees are trying to get away unnoticed so what better way to do that than by setting off an explosion under a nuclear reactor for no apparent reason.The two futuristic agencies trying to capture them bumble like low-ranking security officers on the Enterprise.Also there are the scientific facts and parts of the plot that don't make sense: wouldn't a SWAT team with a medical officer have been a better choice to break out a very ill prisoner? How can a GPS detect people underground? How do you "slip in" a computer virus into a mainframe? Why would a rifle need an atmospheric pressure adjustment device? Is the bullet being shot to the moon?And then there is writing like "his body sagged, as if its hayride driver had abandoned the vehicle" What the hell is that supposed to mean?The trees used in the publication of this book died in vain.