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Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum - Richard Fortey

Lest you think a museum is a stuffy old building filled with the same antiquated exhibits, here's a book that provides an enlightening look behind the scenes at one of the biggest museums in England.

The amount of material stored in the Natural History Museum is staggering. Literally miles (not to mention kilometers) of all sorts of objects from creepy crawlies found only in a remote part of South America to minerals from right around the corner by comparison. I had no idea the museum employed such an array of specialists. For every family of bug there's a person who has made it their main field of study.

Among the employees are the eccentric old gents who thrive in this sort of environment. From the guy who kept and filed by length all the pieces of string ever sent to the museum as packaging to the bloke who tried on his bulky diving apparatus and then couldn't remove it so he walked out of the museum looking like as the author put it "an extra in a science fiction movie" there are certainly a varied assortment of people working out of the public view.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in science or those who enjoy a trip to a museum.