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Tough as overdone steak, but well worth it

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

     Most assuredly, this is not an easy book to enjoy. In fact, I would say if you can't abide by a book with leading characters who are totally unlikeable you might want to pass on this one.

     The creepy story deals with a married couple who wind up hating each other. And I don't mean dislike, I'm talking deep, dark hatred. It raises the question: how well do you really know someone close to you? Nick and Amy look like a perfect couple but their relationship goes south, like all the way to Antarctica.

     The plot mostly evolves through Nick's perspective and Amy's diary entries that she started even before they were married. The biggest strength here is in the writing. Cleverness abounds along with the obligatory plot twists and turns and suspense prevails throughout. But this is a dark novel, about as far away from light reading as it's possible to get.

     Overall, an enjoyable read but do not give this book to newlyweds unless you want to creep them out. Easily 4 stars.